Nancy Dussault
Cast of Too Close For Comfort
Nancy Dussault was born in Pensacola, FL.  When her father, Capt. George Dussault (a Navy flier), was at sea, Nancy and her mother, Sara (Seitz) Dussault, lived at the Seitz home in Mt. Carmel.  Nancy attended second, third and sixth grades in Mt. Carmel as well as spending many yearly visits.
Nancy made her Broadway debut in the company of such theatrical names as Phil Silvers and Nancy Walker, playing the ingenue lead in "Do Re Mi," one of the most successful New York musicals of the 1960-61 season.  She was given a picture story in "Life" magazine while appearing in the Julius Monk revue at the "Downstairs".  She was nominated for the Antonette Perry Award, as best supporting actress in musical for "Do Re Mi."  She was nominated for the award again for the show "Bajour."
Although Nancy has appeared on Broadway several times and in many TV shows, we probably remember her best as Muriel Rush, wife of Harry Rush (Ted Knight) in the TV SitCom, "Too Close For Comfort".
We are proud to say that Nancy spent much of her "growing up" years here in Mt. Carmel and that she is remembered fondly by many who knew her during her school years and summer visits here.
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Nancy Dussault, Ted Knight, Audrey Meadows
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